Types of Lock

Investing in the right locks will help to ensure that your property is as safe and secure as possible.

Important areas for locks to be installed:

Front Doors/Main entrances: This is often the most accessible part of your property, and it is therefore probably the important area to secure. It is recommended that you have at least one British Standard (BS 3621) dead lock fitted on all external doors.

Back doors: It is also very important to secure this area. It may be possible to have extra security in this area as you will not generally be leaving the property via this exit.

uPVC doors: uPVC doors are usually fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms as standard. These are adequate for most home insurance company polices.

Windows: Whether uPVC or wooden, we recommend that any accessible windows be fitted with key locking window locks.

Sliding patio doors/French doors: All patio/French door should be fitted with a key operated lock.

Types of Lock


Night Latch

You might recognize this as a ‘Yale Lock’. They close automatically without a key and are generally fitted on front doors. This type of lock attaches to the surface of the door.