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Mortice Lock Specialist in Devon


We are one of the few local locksmiths that specialise in mortice locks. Mortice locks, known for their robust security features, are extremely popular but require a specific skill-set to professionally fit, repair and replace.

What are mortice locks?

Mortice locks are traditional, highly secure locking mechanisms installed within the body (or “mortice”) of a door. They consist of a sturdy, rectangular case (the mortice) that houses the intricate locking components, including the latch and deadbolt. Mortice locks are renowned for their durability and resistance to forced entry.

Our mortice lock services:

Fitting mortice locks:

We offer precise mortice lock installations. Whether you’re upgrading security or need a new lock, we ensure that the lock you choose aligns with the specific requirements of your doors and we fit it professionally, leaving the site neat and tidy.

Replacing mortice locks:

If your existing mortice lock is damaged, outdated, or you’ve experienced a security breach, we offer efficient and reliable replacement services. We can recommend high-quality mortice locks tailored to your security needs and type of door.

Repairing mortice locks:

Mortice locks, like any mechanism, may encounter wear and tear over time. We specialise in diagnosing and repairing common issues such as jamming, misalignment, or damaged components, restoring your lock’s functionality.

Common issues with mortice locks:

Jamming or sticking: Mortice locks can jam or stick due to dirt, debris, or misalignment. Regular use and exposure to the elements can contribute to these issues.

Key not turning: If the key is difficult to turn or gets stuck, it may indicate internal issues. Worn-out components or a misaligned mechanism can be the culprits.

Misalignment: Doors settling or changes in temperature can cause the door or frame to shift, leading to misalignment issues with the mortice lock.

Why choose us?

Expertise in Traditional Security:

We are highly experienced in all types of mortice lock and have over 10 years of experience in fitting/repairing and replacing them.

Precision in Installation and Replacement:

We prioritise precision in fitting and replacing mortice locks, ensuring that your security is enhanced with a reliable and robust locking system.

Efficient Repairs:

When your mortice lock encounters issues, our efficient repair services address the root cause, restoring the lock’s functionality and extending its lifespan.

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