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Realigning Doors in Exmouth and Devon


A well-aligned door is essential for both security and functionality. We offer a re-alignment service to ensure that your doors operate smoothly and provide optimal security for your property.

The importance of door alignment:


Properly aligned doors contribute significantly to your property’s security. Misaligned doors may compromise the effectiveness of locks and create vulnerabilities.

Ease of Operation:

A door that is out of alignment can be difficult to open and close. Proper alignment ensures smooth operation, preventing unnecessary wear on hinges and locks.

Our door alignment services:

Adjusting Hinges:

Misalignment is often caused by hinge issues. We can assess and adjust hinges to ensure that the door is properly aligned, addressing any issues present.

Fixing Frame Misalignment:

Changes in weather, settling of the building, or other factors can lead to frame misalignment. We can identify and rectify these issues, ensuring that the door fits seamlessly into the frame.

Lock Adjustments:

Misalignment can affect the proper functioning of locks. We specialise in adjusting and aligning locks to enhance their effectiveness and maintain the security of your property.

Common signs of door misalignment:

Difficulty in closing or opening: Doors that are out of alignment may be challenging to close or open smoothly. If you notice resistance or sticking, misalignment could be the culprit.

Visible gaps: Visible gaps between the door and the frame indicate misalignment. These gaps compromise both security and energy efficiency.

Uneven wear on hinges: Uneven wear on hinges is a clear sign of misalignment. Regular inspection of hinge conditions can help identify alignment issues early.

Why choose our door alignment services?


We are very experienced in working with misaligned doors and can diagnose the problem quickly, ensuring that the issue is effectively addressed.


We are quick and efficient, minimising disruption and restoring your doors to optimal alignment quickly.

Enhanced Security and Functionality:

Our door alignment services enhance the security of your property and improve the overall functionality of your doors.

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