Non-destructive Entry

All of our locksmiths will use non-destructive methods to gain entry to your property wherever possible. This means that they will try all methods of picking and encouraging your lock to open and carry a range of tools to help them to achieve this outcome.

However, it would be very misleading to say that drilling/forcing the lock is never necessary. No locksmith can guarantee this because there can be so many different causes for lock failure, some of which are impossible to rectify with picking. In these cases, the lock must be removed and replaced.

What we can promise though, is that we will always try non-destructive methods first. And if drilling is required, this will be explained to you BEFORE any work is carried out. Our locksmiths will use precise drilling methods to remove your lock with as little damage as possible, and they are all highly experienced in this type of work. We aim to leave little or no mess behind us, and to ensure your complete satisfaction.