Locks For uPVC Doors And Windows

uPVC doors and window are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. As older doors and windows are replaced, more and more or of our work is with this type of lock.

uPVC locks are very secure because they have a cylinder lock AND a multi-point system which means that your door is locked in several different places and not just where the key turns.

If you are having a problem with your uPVC door, it could either be the cylinder lock mechanism or the multi-point (or both) that has failed and this will affect the size and cost of the job. uPVC locking mechanisms come in a huge range of sizes and designs – even the position of the handles can vary widely.

Problems with uPVC doors can range from poorly fitting keys through to poor bolt alignment in the multi-point locking mechanism.

uPVC windows:

Although this page is specifically about uPVC doors and windows, the same information applies to all types of window lock. It is important to ensure that any ground-level windows can be locked securely. Our engineers can repair or replace all types of window lock. Leaving a window or door which is showing signs of wear or damage means that you risk lockout or, in the case of windows, a lock that is locked closed and will likely need to be replaced rather than simply repaired.