Gain Entry

[title size=”1″]Gain Entry[/title]

If you are locked out of your home for any reason, we will be able to gain entry to your property and replace the lock if necessary. Our engineers are very experienced in these situations provide a top quality service.

In most cases, our locksmiths can gain entry to your property using non-destructive methods which leave your lock in tact. However, sometimes a new lock will be required. There are many types of lock used on doors, each of which requires a different method to gain entry. uPVC doors a common and these have a cylinder lock which can often be opened with no damage to your lock. Other cylinder locks (Yale-type locks) can often be opened without damage. Mortice locks are much more difficult to open using and may need to be drilled. This would require a new lock. Our engineers carry a range of locks and replacement is often less expensive than repeated attempts at opening a locked or damaged mortice.

Whatever your lock type, our engineers will ALWAYS use the quickest and least destructive method to gain entry to your property.

Our locksmiths carry all of the equipment needed to open your lock.

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